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Travelogue 7 ● Amsterdam ● February 16-19, 2018

I have been really derelict in my traveloguing, so I'm performing a back track of all the places I've been in the past two years.  If this is going to be a travelogue, then I need to create a record of where I go. No one reads this, and that's ok. I don't think I'm adding any new observations with my travels that would warrant a clicking storm.  I'm a fairly conservative traveler who stays mostly on the beaten path.

This is more for me.  It's a place marker to remind myself and read about the places I've visited. (I always said this site would evolve and change). It feels like a rediscovery when I happen upon a post I wrote 4 or 5 years ago. At this point in my life, there are destinations that I repeatedly go back to. And every time, I get something new out of it.
So before it totally fades from memory, let's start with:   Amsterdam  •  February 16, 2018 - February 19, 2018 Only 3 days? That's what my coworkers said, but if you really think abo…