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Rowing Lessons

There are so many flaws in this photograph that I don't even know where to begin.  As it turns out, it's my favorite because it's the image I love most of my mother.
One summer in Italy, my mother wanted to take me and my sister to the more popular and attractive beach that was located on the next side of the island.  It could only be accessed by boat and not finding anyone to take us, mom rented one and began to row us there.

That's me sitting behind her. I don't remember anything about that day or how we spent it once we got to the beach. The only thing I can recall is feeling badly for her. She hadn't rowed a boat in years and was struggling to steer it correctly. She was getting tired and would stop every so often to catch her breath. Fortunately, the waters weren't too choppy that day, but she had to maneuver constantly to avoid the sharp and shallow rock beds that threatened to scrape or even puncture the bottom of the boat.

I'm endeared to this p…