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Travelogue 6 - Provincetown - September 25 - 29, 2015

This recent trip to Provincetown marks my 6th or 7th time there, I lost count. I also lost most of the details of this trip because I waited too long to write my impressions.  Then again, I really don't need to rely on memory to remind me why I love to come back to Provincetown time and again. It's the New England style architecture; the little coastal style cottages that hark back to America's colonial past. It's also the great little shops, art galleries, and restaurants that populate the main spine of Commercial Street.
It's definitely the liberal vibe of a town that used to be an LGBT vacation spot for so many decades. P-Town gets extremely crowded during the summer months. I pretty much avoid it during July, August and the better part of September.  Towards October, the weather is still amenable and the town has a chance to breathe. It's still crowded, but less so. It's a manageable chaos.

I spent my days walking up and down Commercial Street, finding…