Get Your Ass to Portland

I've never been to Portland.  And I never met Steve McCall.


Over the years, Steve and I became cyber friends, first through Epinions and then through Facebook. I grew to respect him as a writer primarily because of an article he wrote about Sedona. It was a piece that was so unpretentious and beautifully written, that it inspired me actually to visit this place. Years later, I'm seriously considering Sedona as the place to retire.

Between now and then, I still have miles to go and Steve recently managed to write a traveler's guide to his home city, Portland. I really hate him because my traveling budget can stretch only so far.
Copyright Steve McCall, photography by Astragal
No surprise it's a quick, great read and it proves what I've long suspected about Portland - that it deserves a visit.  My poor wallet.

Steve's book is available through Amazon here.

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