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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a time to gorge and be thankful, to come together and weather awkward family moments, making sure no one steps on any land mine topics. This year was no different. I love my family, but so what? The holidays should be used as occasions to reaffirm bonds, but I see less and less of that. People put up their guard, put on their best face, or just ignore each other. My niece and nephew, entrenched in their teenage phase, regard adults like me as passe or unapproachable. Ironically, my puerile response is to play on my iPhone.

Everything this year felt like a rushed chore to be done and over with as quickly as possible. I left stuffed and empty. I'm not saying that the holidays should be used as "come-to-Jesus" meetings. Can you imagine what that would be like? Mostly, I'm grateful that everyone's got their health and faculties so that I have the privilege to gripe in this manner.

The best I can hope for at this stage of my life, is to hope that ever…