Travelogue 4 - Isola di Ponza, Italy (June 23 - July 4)

On the early morning of June 23, a driver picked me up at my flat just off Piazza del Popolo and drove me to the port city of Anzio. From there, I took a hydrofoil to the island of Ponza.  Ponza is one of those best kept secrets: it floats aimlessly in the Tyrrhenian Sea, just south of Rome, north of Naples. Ponza doesn't quite have the name recognition of Capri or its Greek counterpart, Santorini, but that’s just fine with me. It retains its authenticity to the maximum while maintaining its tourist trappings to a minimum.

Beach Italy Ponza
Spiaggia Chiaia di Luna - Copyright Jack Aiello Photography
My family comes from Ponza. My father still lives here. According to him, the summer months still saturate the island with Italian mainlanders, but it’s a nominal price to pay when such a small island is rich with natural beauty and a history that dates back to ancient Roman times. 

Ponza Lighthouse, Jack Aiello Photography
Aerial view of the Lighthouse -
I used Long Exposure techniques to render the blue waters like smooth frosted glass
Copyright Jack Aiello Photography -
I’ve written about Ponza before.  I can blather on about its history, the people, the wonderful coastline dotted with grottos, cliffs, and the beaches whose surrounding sea waters migrate from jewel tones of green and turquoise to baby and sapphire blues.  However, in the pursuit of simplicity, I’m opting for some pics to tell you the rest of the story.

Ponza, Italy
Topography from Le Forna, the northern portion of the island rich with beautiful bays
Copyright Jack Aiello Photography -

Ponza, Italy - Main Port
The main port
Copyright Jack Aiello Photography -

Ponza, Italy - Main Port
Aerial View of the Main Port - Ponza, Italy
Copyright Jack Aiello Photography -

Jack Aiello Nature Landscape Photography
Cala Gaetano - It takes at least 200 steps to get down there.
No sandy beach, just perch on the rocks, take in the sun, and dive in those waters to cool off.
Copyright Jack Aiello Photography -

Pops and my nephew, John, enjoying an amazing seafood dinner.
Copyright Jack Aiello Photography -

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