2013: A Year in Review

The year is almost over. In a few hours, 2013 will be a distant memory. In taking stock of this past year, I want to avoid the easy platitudes a new year inspires people to spout. It wasn't all rosy, but neither was it hellish. It was an odd year of growth. I'll do what I do best and just bullet outline what I feel to be the truth of my 2013. It's not just what I did and where I went, but also the defining moments and events that were taking place within me.
  • The first half of 2013 was a blur of job interviews, sleeping in and watching Jerry Springer religiously at 11am every morning. I'm thankful that all of these activities, particularly the last habit, vanished once I got my new job. Some people may hate the 9-5 routine, but there's nothing like a little structure to restore your sanity. It helps that I come in every morning and work with a group of people I genuinely like.
  • My weight as of December 31, 2013: 211 pounds
  • I still struggle with caring what other people think of me. I know it's a waste of energy and it's none of my business what people think of me, but not until this year did I finally accept that this will be a lifelong demon that I will succumb to at times; and other times I will kick straight back to hell.
  • In late May, I traveled to Trumansburg, New York by Cayuga Lake and was enchanted by Taughannock Falls:
    Taughannock Falls, Trumansburg, NY
    Copyright © Jack Aiello  •  www.jackaiello.photoshelter.com
  • In late July, I traveled to Seneca Lake and discovered beautiful Watkins Glen:
Watkins Glen State Park
Copyright © Jack Aiello  •  www.jackaiello.photoshelter.com
  • At times, my mother will infuriate me, and when she does, I will remember that she shows her love through food. Christmas Eve Dinner, December 24, 2013
Linguine with Clams
Photo Courtesy of Marylisa Terzulli
  • I learned that if I want to grow, I have to let myself off the hook.
  • The phrase, "Not all those who wander are lost" is very true. And I figured out the difference between the one who wanders and the one who's lost. It's fear.
  • I have to admit my trip to Utica in October was a bit of a bust, but I still managed to find beauty in that old train station and the Adirondack Scenic Railroad.

 Utica Train Station, Utica, NYAdirondack Scenic Railroad

  • And as 2013 winds up, I will celebrate it alone - by choice. It's not sad, it's not pathetic, it's not anything. As I quietly take stock of my life these past 12 months, I will reflect on all the good things going on in my life: my family, my friends, my photography, my constant desire to improve myself, and my acceptance that sometimes I will fall short. But the important thing is I will keep trying.
A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all!

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