Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Day at The New York Botanical Garden

The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory
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The New York Botanical Garden comes to the rescue once again. Yesterday was both a fast and slow day. I had a lot to accomplish in terms of cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, getting groceries and packing the carry-on for my 3-day leaf-peeping tour in the Adirondacks next week. Boring stuff, really. Unfortunately, huge swaths of our life are whiled away on mundane activities like this.

Autumn happens to be my favorite season. New York State has been experiencing a high pressure system that won't budge, and it has thankfully granted this last week with some gorgeous powder blue skies and fluffy clouds bulging and roiling with cellulite. The day was too marvelous to be spent inside the apartment with my back hunched over a sink of hot sudsy water.

I sped out the door and spent the first part of the afternoon having a cappuccino with my mother and stepdad at an Italian cafe on Arthur Avenue. Just five minutes from there is the Botanical Garden, and I wound up the better part of the day just walking around the grounds. If there's ever a place that automatically lowers your blood pressure, it's this little oasis in the Bronx.

The cherry orchard that blooms in the spring renews my sense of hope.  During peak leaf season, The Thain Family forest is ablaze with leaves the color of gold, mustard and burgundy. Then there's the Enid Haupt Conservatory, a 110-year old greenhouse that's easily the garden's crowning jewel. Here's a secret: the arboretum is a quiet spot you can read a book or enjoy a slow lunch. I could go on, but it's enough to simply say that it makes me proud something like this doesn't reside in Manhattan or Brooklyn, but right here in The Bronx, and it's no more than 25 minutes from my stoop.

When you have weather like this, I firmly believe you should do two things: slow your roll and take even just a minute to close your eyes, breath and be thankful you're alive to enjoy it.

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