They Say It's Your Birthday

Today is my birthday and I turned the big four two. They always say it's nothing but a number, but when you still feel like 24 and your body tells you otherwise, well, you have to start paying attention to certain numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol count, weight, just to name a few).

In any case, it was a quiet day and I walked over to Silver Beach -  a ten minute walk from my house. Brought my Kindle and continued my reading the history of the Emperors of Ancient Rome (did you know Trajan and Hadrian, both highly regarded in the history books as the finest, most dynamic leaders of the Empire, pretty much enjoyed the company of men more than their own wives?)

 I even managed to take a dip in the beautiful waters. It was wonderful. It's the simple pleasures as we get older; cliche as it always sounds.

This was my view:

Later, my dear friends Mike and Rachel took me out to the Bonefish Grill for a wonderful dinner and conversation.

Felt like an Emperor today.

Speaking of Emperors, this is Trajan and Hadrian respectively.  Not much to look at, but clean'em up and we might talk dating potential.

He's gotta do something with the hair

Tell me he couldn't clean up at Bear Weekend in Provincetown?

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