The Intro

Welcome, everyone.

Err, it's my first post, so I feel like I'm talking to a virtual empty room, but nonetheless, welcome everyone to my new blog! I'm not sure where this is going to go, it's my journey after all, so rather than prematurely describe this virtual space into a corner, I'll just say that this blog will serve as a journal of sorts. But more than that too.  

I'll definitely talk about my photo stints, share some technical information, tips and tricks, or maybe I'll post a musing, a weird joke or whatever catches my eye and tweaks my fancy.  After all, Facebook doesn't have a monopoly on posting every detail of your life, right? But first and foremost I definitely want to chronicle my evolution into travel photography. For now photography has been a love that I regard as a serious hobby. My stuff sells on stock websites, sure. My portfolio is extensive and I love to talk about where I go and what I do with my gear, so why not chronicle it into the cloud?

And so with this, I'll unceremoniously launch this blog post.  Away we go...

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